Community Action

Community Action

Reaching out and helping people in our community.



Reaching out to our community!

The Dominion Centre Welfare Team is an essential arm of the community outreach ministry. Their activities continues to be in the form of a food pantry where needy people both in and outside the church came to collect food and other household items all donated free of charge by members of the church.

Items supplied include children’s essentials, canned food, cereals, sanitary items and clothing. This service was advertised by way of church members voluntarily distributing leaflets in the local community.

Assistance is also given to the unemployed who are looking to get back to work, in terms of proper filing of application forms and creating acceptable CVs. Career advice and interview skills are part of the seminars arranged by the church’s Welfare Team. A good number of people gained employment through this initiative.

With regards to legal advice, the team has professionals in this field, who offered first class advice, and this was made available to the church members free of charge.