Community Engagement Activities

Community Engagement Activities

Engaging with our community through care and support.


Providing care and support in our community.

The Compassion UK

UPGM partners with Compassion UK to create opportunities for individuals within the ministry and groups to sponsor children overseas largely in Africa.

Dominion Centre offers the use of premises for community programmes and events, contributing directly and positively to the activities and growth of the local community.

Dominion Centre works with:
Haringey Peace Alliance – This organisation works to reduce violence on the streets of North London and foster good relationship between delinquent youth and their families.

Tottenham Christian Council – Churches working together with Tottenham.

Police & Clergy Initiative (London Borough of Haringey) – Organised by the Metropolitan Police to bring down crime rates in inner city boroughs.

Dominion Centre is a member of the African Caribbean Evangelical Alliance (ACEA) and the Evangelical Alliance (EA).