Men’s Ministry

Men’s Ministry

Helping men achieve their full potential in the church and in society.



Mentoring the youth and making them aware of their role in the church and society.

Men’s Ministry Programs

The Men’s Ministry of DC organize quarterly ‘Men in Action’ prayer meetings and seminars which draws members of the public, friends and colleagues. The Men are educated by doctors about different health conditions and most men who participate get their blood pressure and blood sugar levels checked by qualified GPs.

Various Finance and Wealth Creation Seminars are also organised to advise men about finances, credit checks, real estate, etc.

The men’s fellowship has set up a program to reach out to the community and evangelise within Wood Green. The group holds breakfast meetings and barbecues in reaching out to the less privileged through dining. Various prayer and counselling sessions are also organised during the year.

The men’s fellowship carry’s out mentoring programmes with the Youth Ministry. This usually bridges the gap between the men and the youth of the church. Areas of focus include good parenting, taking more interest in the challenges facing the youth and how bonding with fathers also go a long way to strengthen the families.

Teaching the youth to look forward to the future as leaders and become aware of their role in the church and society.