Welfare Ministry

Welfare Ministry

Providing care in church and community.


Promoting healthy living in church and community.

The DC Welfare Team supports the government’s move to promote public awareness on healthy living. Focusing on blood pressure, blood sugar levels and cholesterol checks which are carried out free of charge; also exercises (aerobics) which are carried out during our prayer meetings.

During the year, the Welfare Team at DC attend to single parents, support people with housing issues, employment and Immigration. Toiletries and second hand clothes were also donated to the Finsbury Park family and friends.

During the Welfare Health Checks Surgery, the community is advised on issues pertaining to housing, medical and career advice. Blood pressure and diabetes check are done during the weekly Sunday drop in surgeries and Bibles were donated to the Cascade Mental Health Home.

The Welfare Team at DC supports homeless people with the winter shelter outreach. There is also a Christmas End of Year Soup Kitchen outreach and entertainment evening for the homeless, vulnerable and needy in the community.

Hampers containing foodstuffs and Bibles are also given out in the community as well as larger donations to shelter and children’s homes. Individuals are helped with finances for items like bus passes, nappies and food. The ministry give gifts and visit those in nursing and elderly care homes. The congregation donated many items

For free housing advice and debt management advice, walk-in days are arranged. These were all open to members of the church and the local community. Qualified professionals in their respective areas of expertise give the advice freely.